6 We recently moved to 483 Monroe TPK. Look for us in the Rada Center plaza, next to Home Plate Deli.

Monroe, CT Packaging & Shipping Services

We do more than just packing and shipping
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    Shipping & Tracking via Fed-Ex, UPS, & DHL

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    Private Mailbox Rentals, NON "PO"

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    Packaging & Shipping Supplies

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    Copies, Faxes, & Lamination

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    Business Cards, Passport Photos, & Notary

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    Keys Duplcation

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  • MPS Store Interior

    Monroe Pack & Ship: More than just packing & shipping

  • MPS Shipping Services

    Serving Monroe, CT for 20 years! fFed-Ex, fUPS, fDHL, fUSPS

  • MPS Mailbox Rentals

    NON “PO” Private Mailbox Rentals (small, medium, large)

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    6 483 Monroe TPK - In the center of Monroe; you can't miss us!

Private Mailbox Rentals in Monroe, CT

  • fAffordable prices, starting at $25 (quarterly). Call for additional packages/pricing
  • fPay for 1 year and get 3 months free!
  • fNON “PO” box mailing address. Receives from Fed-Ex, UPS, & DHL
  • fAnytime access to your mailbox
  • fReceive any size packages (other than USPS)
  • rQuestions? We've got answers. Give us a call and ask for Joe / 203.459.0118

Sales and News

  • Packaging & Shipping Boxes

    MPS Boxes

    MPS boxes range in size from small to extra large. Common sizes range from 6" x 6" x 6" to 24" x 24" x 24" // We also carry small movers boxes, golf boxes (full set & individual), packaging tubes, & suitcase boxes.

  • Shipping Insurance & Tracking Number

    MPS Shipping Forms

    Most packages come with standard $100 insurance. This suits most customer's packaging needs, but not all. If you need more insurance, we'll can accomodate with competitive rates and a smile!

  • Keys Duplication

    MPS Keys Duplication

    Send out your packages & duplicate your keys at the same time! Under $2 per key! (excluding car keys).

    Call for additional details